How did smoking begin? The intriguing history of tobacco takes us back to the days of Pocahontas and merchant ships sailing the seas. The irony is that tobacco was once used by European doctors to treat disease. What is tobacco? Believe it or not, it is related to one of the most poisonous plants in the world.  Find out more about the history of tobacco and about how smoking tobacco became so popular.

What's In A Cigarette?

And what about nicotine? Did you know that nicotine used in commercial insecticides and that it kills insects immediately? Read all about this powerful drug that causes smokers to have an addiction to cigarettes.  Also learn more about what is really in a cigarette and about what you are really inhaling into your lungs.  Tobacco is not the only ingredient in this deadly habit.  Many other poisonous chemicals that you would never even consider ingesting are mixed with tobacco and nicotine in order to produce the perfect cigarette.  Find out how really bad smoking is for you by learning more about what goes into making a cigarette. 

Cigarette Facts

Get all of the facts you need to understand why nicotine is addictive and develop the strength to resist both your cigarettes and cigarette ads.  The more you understand about this dangerous and addictive habit and about why it is so hard for you to give up your beloved cigarettes, the easier it might be for your to finally say goodbye to this deadly and dangerous habit.