Effects of Smoking

The Dangers

One way to truly motivate yourself to quit smoking is to remind yourself of the dangers of smoking. Read about the hard facts, the many risks and all of the reasons as to why you should stop moking. In addition to realizing these simple hard facts, think about the effects of smoking on you and those around you, including the dangers of second hand smoke. Together, this will convince you that smoking cessation is the only answer - both for you and for those around you.

Ways To Quit

So with all of this talk on the dangers one is exposed to from smoking, let's talk about the various ways to quit smoking.  There are many ways one can quit smoking there are many aids and organizations one can turn to for help to kick the habit.  You do not need to suffer through this process alone. Arm yourself with some great smoking quit tips to help you get on the road to quitters' success and find out the best way for you to quit this deadly habit.

Smoker's Rights?

Many smokers are feeling a little like second class citizens these days as they are not allowed to light up in many public places. Hard core smokers often have to run outside for a cigarette break - be it in the blazing sun or subzero temperatures. Do smokers have rights? Is this an impetus to get you to quit?  Find out more about why smokers are being pushed to the side and about why many people are so concerned about being around the second hand smoke of a smoker.