Smoking is a very nasty habit that can cause the active smoker and non-smokers around them to develop respiratory health conditions. Some of the consequences included with inhaling cigarette smoke are heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer and many other health conditions. The addiction to smoking cigarettes occurs because of the nicotine within the tobacco. The nicotine acts as a stimulant and has chemicals that make it highly addictive. Many health divisions have agreed that smoking is a deadly habit. Anti-smoking campaigns have been derived and yet there are still people developing the habit. A lot of the people who smoke began when they were a teenager; most begin in the sixth or seventh grade due to peer pressure or were looking to be cool or seem older.

Smoking is an Addiction

Smoking cigarettes is a hard habit to drop. For many people, it takes many tries and many years to give up the habit. Combating the addiction on your own makes it much harder if you don't have self discipline; constant relapses are likely to occur. Others who need help with their habit look to aids such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, anti-smoking pills and therapy. There is even an anti-depressant drug that has worked to cure people of their nicotine habits, called Zyban. No one knows why this happens, but research shows that it is true.

The nicotine patch offers a three step system that helps you to get rid of your cravings for cigarettes. Each step has its own amount of nicotine 21 mg, 14 mg and 7 mg. Step one starts with 21 mg and works its way down with each step. By the time you finish the three step process; you are nicotine-free and have no more cravings for cigarettes.

Smoking Other Than Tobacco

There are other forms of smoking besides cigarettes. One of the most popular among younger people is weed (marijuana, pot or Mary Jane). This is known as a recreational drug and can be bought on the streets. It is an illegal narcotic that has side effects such as, increased appetite or the munchies, a "high" sensation and it is known to kill brain cells. Many folks who have smokes an extensive amount of weed tend to have slower reflexes, physically and mentally. Car accidents are very common for people who are under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. Pot is not known as an addictive drug, but can be psychologically addictive. The habit is formed through habitual smoking sessions that become a day to day thing for smokers. Many anti-smoking and anti-drug commercials show weed smokers as lazy and up to nothing. Most of the time, the best students who smoke weed end up throwing away all of their achievements; the marijuana causes the student not to care about anything else except getting high.

Smoking, whatever substance it may be, is very harmful to your body. Your brain is the first one to go under attack from the smoke that is inhaled. It is also the last thing to heal when quitting.