Smoking And Pregnant Women



Smoking Effects Your Unborn Child

Smoking is dangerous and extremely harmful for unborn children. Pregnant mothers who smoke during their pregnany are far more likely to suffer miscarriages, increased bleeding and nausea. Babies born of mothers who smoked during their entire pregnancy normally suffer from low birth weight or even premature birth. This is the most damning evidence against smoking that anyone could ever need - especially an expectant mother.

Smoking Can Kill Your Baby

The problems don't stop at birth either. Most children born of mothers who smoke during their term are also very susceptible to sudden infant death syndrome (cot death) and also tend to have lifetime health complications with ailments such as recurring chest infections and asthma.

A responsible mother should not smoke during pregnancy. Being happy enough to damage your own health is one thing but it's unfair to deliberately put the health of your child at risk. It's never too late to quit. The health benefits far outweigh any pleasure you may get from smoking. Your children will be healthier too.