Laser Teeth Whitening For Smokers

Whiter Teeth

The beauty product market is a booming one. Billions are spent each year by millions of women on health and beauty products. It's rare, however, for a product or treatment to come along that is equally embraced by men and women alike. What is this new treatment that all men and women want? Laser teeth whitening of course. This simple cosmetic processs can and does leave your teeth whiter and brigther than they have been since you were a kid.

When we were younger our parents reminded us to brush our teeth each night. They warned us about our teeth rotting and our smile not being as nice and bright. Now I don't know about you but once I reached my teenage years (with all its inherent rebellion) I brushed my teeth as infrequently as possible. It's not that I didn't understand that taking care of my teeth was important - it was far more important to do whatever I wanted. Ahhh impetuous youth. Oh and of course I started smoking at the same time - I was about 13 at the time. This double whammy really affected the color of my teeth.

The Effects Of Smoking On Teeth

That nice white smile I once had faded quickly. Your teeth will yellow naturally with age but by smoking and drinking tea, coffee and red wine we speed up that yellowing process dramatically. It takes just as much effort to stain your teeth yellow as it does to keep them nice and white. And there is something appealing about a bright smile. It gives us a youthful appearance - regardless of our age.

Teeth whitening is a new craze and is growing in popularity each day. It's important to be clear about the differences between each type of teeth whitening and especially which ones are laser based and not. With so many options available to you it can be hard to decide which one is best for your particular needs.

Ways To Achieve A Whiter Smile

You can choose between activated teeth whitening products like Britesmile and Zoom. These are not, however, true laser teeth whitening treatments. Then you have OTC treatments like Crest Whitestrips which work well but can take several weeks to really show noticeable results. This is where laser whitening treatments stand out - they can be 100% effective in just 60 minutes. Just ensure that you always, always consult your dentist before using any clinical teeth whitening process - they are the experts after all.

So now that you've decided to quit smoking why not reverse the cosmetic damage you've done to your teeth through years of smoking by getting your teeth whitened by laser. You can use it as an excellent reminder about why you quit smoking in the first place - that new pearly white smile will remind you of this each morning.