Uses of the Tobacco Plant 

The tobacco plant has been grown and cultivated for use since the beginning of civilization. Early indians that inhabited the Americas used tobacco for both medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Eventually, the use of tobacco became wide spread and was used by people world wide. The use of tobacco remains prevalent today.

The Tobacco Plant

This tall leafy plant is an agricultural product used for smoking and chewing. This plant naturally grows in the north, central and south American region, but it is now grown and cultivated all over the world. Tobacco is a seasonal crop that is sold in dried, cured and natural forms. The leaves are the most important part of the tobacco plant. Tobacco leaves can vary in size and shape, but the leaves that are distributed are generally all around the same size. Tobacco is one of largest  cash crops cultivated world wide. The revenue from tobacco products is among the highest crops sold world wide.The use of tobacco leads to nicotine exposure. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. it is absorbed into a users bloodstream when they smoke or chew it. The nicotine acts like a stimulant and this gives its users an abundance of extra energy. the nicotine form tobacco entering the bloodstream also creates a dependance by the body for the nicotine.

Tobacco Uses

Tobacco has been used primarily for the purpose of recreational smoking or chewing for thousands of years. Tobacco can be rolled in to cigarettes, cigars or placed in a pipe or hookah for smoking. It can be also be dipped, chewed or sniffed. Smoking has always been the primary use of the tobacco plant. Native Americans who cultivated the tobacco plant used the leaves for smoking during ceremonies. They also smoked tobacco for medicinal purposes.  Tobacco being a stimulant made its use in Native American medicine natural. Indians used tobacco to reduce swelling, heal wounds, ease pain and to sooth the stomach.

The Dangers of Smoking

It became apparent very quickly that smoking tobacco was addictive. However, the dangers of smoking tobacco were not discovered until later. Tobacco users are at a greater risk for smoking related illnesses and over 50% of tobacco users will die of  tobacco related disease. Almost 90% of all the patients who are diagnosed with lung cancer are or were smokers. Unfortunately, lung cancer is the most deadly form of cancer. That being said, lung cancer is also the most preventable. Smoking can also contribute to a host of other smoking related illnesses. Heart disease, lung disease, emphysema, asthma, high blodd pressure, heart attack, gum disease and a variety of other cancers and illnesses. Additionally, the second hand smoke created by smoking tobacco is dangerous for those who inhale it, even if they are non-smokers. Every year close to 3,000 people in the United States alone die from lung cancer caused by second hand smoke that they have been exposed to.