NLP-Engaging The Power Of The Mind

Mind Over Matter

Over the past few years, more and more emphasis has been placed upon man's ability to control his destiny using the power of his own mind. Different methods are employed, some with great success and others only proving to be empty claims. One method that has gained credence is NeuroLinguistic Programming or NLP. NLP is used as an effective way to help people overcome nicotine addiction and to quit smoking.

Often employed in conjunction with other methods, such as hypnosis, NLP has been found to work on people who are looking for help to stop smoking. However, the truth is that no type of therapy will work effectively unless several factors are present, including a sincere desire to quit smoking. If the smoker is looking to quit because someone is nagging him/her, then it is not likely any method will work for long. Quitting has to be the internal desire of the smoker. Once that is established then, through hypnotherapy and/or NLP, reprogramming can be established, the mind can be reconditioned, and the person can take control of their life, changing for the better.

Becoming Aware Of Oneself

NLP uses self-image and attitude toward an issue, such as smoking, weight loss, or illness, to create and effect change and promote a positive change. When a person has no hope for change, then the mental picture they develop is one of discouragement and disappointment. Once this person becomes aware of their abilities and possibilities, the ability to see things from a different paradigm kicks in and they are able to change their situation.

Using the concept that, "if what you're doing isn't working you should do something else," NLP embraces the idea that people are different and by being flexible, a person can develop a strategy that works well for them as an individual. For a smoker, acknowledging that the health risks associated with cigarette smoking harms the body and second-hand smoke harms others can open the door to an internal prompting to quit smoking. NLP and hypnotherapy focus on both the physical and mental aspects of quitting smoking, addressing the addiction as well as the symptoms of withdrawal.

An Example Of NLP Anchors

For instance, a person who is using NLP to quit smoking will become more aware of the triggers or anchors that cause them to go for a cigarette. If the common practice first thing in the morning is to brew a cup of coffee and have a cigarette, then the anchor is coffee. To reprogram this behavior, understanding the link between the coffee and cigarette is the first step. Then, instead of having a cup of coffee, the individual may choose to have a glass of milk. The connection changes and the first cigarette of the day is averted. By observing and recognizing an anchor, and by changing the anchor, the behavior changes as well.