Lung Cancer

Did you  know that when you smoke you could contract some 50 diseases - and 20 of those are fatal. Lung cancer is one of the major killers for smokers. In this section you will learn why and how lung cancer is so deadly. You will also learn how you can decrease your chance of premature death via lung cancer if you stop now.  The good news for all smokers is that your lungs begin the process of healing from the moment you lay down your cigarettes.  It is never to late to give your lungs a second chance.

About Lung Cancer

However, if you continue to smoke you may develop one of many of the fatal lung disease associated with smoking. Find out more about how you can identify the symptoms of lung cancer and about what your chances are for survivial once you have already contracted the disease.  Also learn about the most advanced form of lung cancer, stage 4, and why you want to quit smoking before you ever get this sick.  Also, get all of the facts you need to know about lung cancer and find out all of the information you should know about other lung diseases that can be caused by smoking.

Other Lung Diseases

Emphysema is a very common disease that can develop as a result of long term smoking.  Become educated about what emphysema can do to your lungs and about how if the disease progresses you may need to live with an oxygen tank in order to breath. 

Don't let your smoking habit destroy your body and your life.  Start reading now and find out more about the destruction smoking can cause to your body and become inspired to quit the habit today.  Sometimes all one needs is the reality check about what one is doing to their body in order to finally put down the cigarette for good.