Methods for Quitting Smoking


It is estimated that at least twenty percent of all adults smoke. Out of that twenty percent, approximately seventy percent of those adults are actively looking for a way to stop smoking. There is a large and consistently growing market for products promising to help individuals stop smoking, but many of these products may be too good to be true.  The fact is, not all stop smoking methods are going to work for everyone.  There is no one size fits all method for giving up cigarettes. When looking for methods that will help you with the process of giving up smoking, use caution and common sense.

Common Methods For Quitting Smoking

Common methods that may allow you to stop smoking include all of the following. Some of these are free stop smoking methods, while others are quite costly but worth the investment if it means giving up smoking once and for all. If you are prepared to stop smoking, you may want to consider some or all of these methods, though certainly not all at once!


  •  Laser Therapy

  •  Hypnotism

  •  Nicotine Replacement Products

  •  Acupuncture

  •  Prescription Drugs

  •  Stop Smoking Programs

  •  Giving up Smoking eBooks

  •  Quitting cold turkey, which is the ultimate free stop smoking aid


How Do You Choose Which Method Is Best For You?

Of all of the different quit smoking methods mentioned above, do you know which will work best for you and your situation? When determining which method will work best for you and will fit best into your life, you should consider all of the following things:

- Do you believe that the method of your choosing will allow you to stop smoking? If you believe, for example, that hypnotism is not going to work for you, then it most likely will not work for you. However, if you truely believe the method for quitting smoking will work then you have a good chance at succeeding in goal to quit smoking.

- How much will it cost to help you stop smoking? If you quit smoking today, how much money would you save? Does that make up for the financial costs associated with the stop smoking aid? You have to weigh the financial costs of each in order to be successful.

- Is the aid of your choosing a good fit for allowing you to stop smoking? Evaluate the quit smoking aids that will fit in with your lifestyle and that will meet your needs without making things too outlandishly difficult. No matter what method you decide to work with when kicking cigarettes once and for all, it is important that you learn all about the method before proceeding with it.

- What has and has not worked in the past? Generally speaking, anything that allowed you to kick cigarettes in the past will probably work again. If it worked for you in the past and you were able to stop smoking before, try again and it may stick better this time around.